Would You Like To Try These Unique Instruments?

Music can come in many forms; while most would recognize more familiar instruments have had things like guitar, drums, or flute, be the first thing that comes to their brain when asked; there are so many more instruments that exist in this world.

These instruments are old or were just made entirely of curiosity; however, they are still amazing. Would you play these instruments if given the chance? Enjoy:

Pikasso Guitar:

The Pikasso guitar has a lot going for it regarding how it works. Linda Manzer built the guitar with 42-strings, four necks, and two sound holes; it is understandable how such an appearance can be recognized to have some likeness with the famous artist Picasso; which the name is referenced.

The guitar is pretty much a harp guitar that carries extra baggage but still plays the same. Although, it may be much more comfortable for us humans to play if we weren't typically born with only two arms.

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