Top 10 Romantic Songs To Listen To This Valentine's Day

It’s February, and everyone who has to leave their house for any reason knows what that means: Valentine’s Day.  It’s on the radio, it’s in the stores, it’s all over.  Valentine’s Day serves two purposes: it reminds people to pay special attention to the people they love, and it gives the radio DJs an excuse to play more love songs than usual.

For your consideration, I give you my Top 10 Romantic Songs.  Some are overplayed, some are classic, most are beautiful pieces of music.  But they’re all about love.  And yeah, I like to complain about Valentine’s Day as much as the next person, but you have to admit: a day about love (even a day commandeered by Hallmark) can’t be 100% bad.

1 - Gotta Have You (The Weepies)
No amount of coffee, no amount of crying
No amount of whiskey, no wine
No, no, no, no, no, nothing else will do
I gotta have you

This indie-folk band has practically written the book on songs filled with gentle longing.  The simplicity of their lyrics and their music work to convey one of the most complex emotions we’re capable of feeling--love.  More specifically, the hopelessness that comes with love.

Besides, what better band to start off our Valentine's Day list with than The Weepies, who are both married and completely adorable together?

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