Top 10 Predicted Hits And Misses Of The New 2013 Fall TV Season


With the dog days of August winding down, the TV season is just around the corner with lots of new series premieres being served up. We've taken a closer look at the big networks fall offerings – here's what we think will be the top hits and misses of the new TV season.

Top 10 Hits:

Mom: Chuck Lorre is pretty close to owning CBS at this point. Even if the show is dreadful, it will still benefit from being a part of CBS’s strong Monday night lineup, and leading out from 2 Broke Girls which has evolved into a hit over the last two seasons. Plus, the addition of Anna Faris and Allison Janney into the mix will draw people who are curious about the chemistry. It already has lined up some major guest stars in Octavia Spencer and Justin Long. This is a pretty sure-fire bet for a full season pick up.

Almost Human- FOX is going strong with an all-new Monday. Almost Human comes from mega-producer JJ Abrams, and has the benefit of lead-out Sleepy Hollow being genre specific. It could lure fanboys into staying tuned to FOX’s Monday night lineup. Human will have to contend against two reality shows (The Voice and Dancing With The Stars) whose ratings have been slipping, and the weaker two comedies in CBS’s lineup. This could be a slam dunk for FOX. They also spent a little bit of money making sure Almost Human and Sleepy Hollow had a presence at Comic Con.

Sleepy Hollow- For almost all of the same reasons that Almost Human is a hit, coupled with a much more confident promotional boost from FOX. FOX has been pushing Sleepy Hollow much harder than Almost Human, and plans to reair episodes on Friday (which will help people find the show early in the game). Hollow has stiffer competition from two stronger CBS comedies, but it should still find a niche to carve out for its own.

Hostages- CBS is trying to get into the serialized “cable length” show game with a very ambitious looking drama, starring two major TV vets. Both Dylan McDermott and Toni Collette have had ‘classics’ in their past (The Practice and United States of Tara), and are familiar to TV watching regulars. A unique plot, and the promise of a shortened season (so people won’t have to worry about a back-nine renewal) could help keep viewers for the whole duration.  Hostages has strong competition from veteran Castle, and The Blacklist, which is said to have one of the best pilots ever shot.

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