Top 10 Metrosexual Celebs

Ryan Seacrest

Originating in a 1994 article by Mark Simpson, Wikipedia defines metrosexuals as: heterosexual men with a strong concern for their appearance, or whose lifestyles display attributes stereotypically seen among gay men. It wasn't until almost a decade later when a group of gay guys with an eye for straight men brought the word into the American lexicon.

Of course, Hollywood is a breeding ground for the metro community, so I give the list of the top 10 metrosexual celebrities in no particular order:

10. Orlando Bloom

He hit it big playing an elven archer and from then on showed the world just how conditioned curly brown locks could be. To this day there are fights about who is prettier in the "Pirates" movies, Bloom or Johnny Depp. I'm actually thinking of writing my doctoral thesis on this debate.

Orlando Bloom

9. Zac Efron

Quick - name a movie where Zac Efron doesn't play a pretty boy who sings to the girl of his affection. Bet you couldn't think of one. Oh, and have you seen that hair? A normal man can't do that with his hair. I've tried, for hours.

Zac Efron

8. Ryan Seacrest

He has to bleach his teeth at least once a day. Though I suppose when your talent is hosting things, the prettier you look, the easier it is to distract the audience from the real talent. Does he still frost his hair?

Ryan Seacrest

7. David Beckham

How does he even have time to be a soccer star when he spends most of his day trying to look prettier than Posh Spice? He is pretty much the quintessential metro guy, and most women and a bunch of men aren't complaining about that.

David Beckham

6. Brad Pitt

When he isn't adopting kids with his life partner, Pitt makes a living having impossibly rock-hard abs and a chiseled face for a man of his years (He's 45!). Oh, and did you see him in Fight Club? Suddenly underground fighting became a spectator sport for a whole different set of reasons.

Brad Pitt

5. Johnny Depp

Whenever you see him on the red carpet, Depp seems to be a hybrid of the metrosexual and the homeless man. He's trying to hide his pretty boy nature with weird facial hair, but you know he spends at least two hours on it each morning. And for that Johnny, you'll always be a beacon of the metro lifestyle. Oh, and Jack Sparrow, enough said.

Johnny Depp

4. Hugh Jackman

The odd thing about Jackman is that he is known for playing Wolverine, a beer swilling man's man who would stab any man who looked at him sideways. Then you see him in interviews or in his role as Peter Allen in "Boy from Oz" on Broadway. Sorry Hugh, you're not fooling anyone, we know you spend your grooming time singing, and singing really well for that matter.

Hugh Jackman

3. Ryan Reynolds

From a pretty boy on Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place to Van Wilder to Hannibal King in Blade, Ryan Reynolds just can't escape his naturally soft and feminine look. Maybe it's that sweet funny guy attitude, or the fact that his hair is permanently in that messy-spiky style. Or the fact that even buffed up with facial hair Ryan Reynolds never looks like he worked a day in his life.

Ryan Reynolds

2. Ashton Kutcher

Have you seen the commercial for the new ABC show he's producing? He's basically strutting down a hallway like a model on the runway. Kutcher is all about the hair, which is probably how he landed Demi Moore. Say what you will about the masculinity of a metro guy, he landed the queen of all cougars!

Ashton Kutcher

1. Jake Gyllenhaal

He was manlier in Brokeback Mountain than he is in real life. Gyllenhaal has that brooding theater guy look who you know ignored the girls in high school to learn lines for the spring drama production. Now he's all grown up and became the man theater guys aspire to become - talented, deep, and good looking. You don't think that persona comes naturally. It takes years of practice and hours of work each morning. Trust me.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Honorable Mentions (Either too manly, too skeezy, or too gay)

-Tom Cruise
-George Clooney
-Matthew McConaughey

Story by Dan Chruscinski
Starpulse contributing writer

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