Tips On Skin Safety; What You Need To Know About Sunscreen

With summer making its way into our lives, it is time to get back out and have fun in the sun. Unfortunately, with the blistering heat and the intensity of the sun comes the dangers of UV rays or Ultraviolet Radiation.

UV Rays are a huge cause of illnesses such as skin cancer, or sunburning; where your skin turns red and has to go through the process of flaking to restore itself.

Sunburn is never a fun thing to deal with, but skin cancer is an even bigger problem that you want to avoid at all cost. This is why sunscreen is such an important asset to us and the safety and health of our bodies.

Here are something tips for applying sunscreen while also notes on what kinds of sunscreens you will want to prioritize, and what kinds you should avoid for this summer. Enjoy:

Where To Apply:


Whenever you wear sunscreen, which, primarily depending on the person, should be worn at any point your body and skin may be in the line of direct sunlight, where on your body should it be put on?

The most important place would be all over your face, even your ears; you really don't want to allow any parts of your skin to be the victim of overexposure to sunlight. Your neck and hands are also a good place to cover; it also depends on what you're wearing. If you're wearing long-sleeved clothing, or if you're wearing tank tops depends on what you should cover. If your shoulders, chest, or legs are exposed, tend to them as well.

If you're wearing makeup, keep in mind that you should put your sunscreen on prior to it; the makeup won't interfere but be sure that the sunscreen is directly on your skin.

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