Tips on How to Survive a "Bomb Cyclone"

If you live in the United States, particularly from the Rockies eastward, then chances are you have been experiencing some of the most uncomfortable temperatures in recent memories. Sure, every time we have temperatures in the single digits, we swear that it is the coldest that it has ever been, but the temperatures have been colder, though that isn't much consolation for the shock to the system you get every time you walk outside.

As cold as the weather has been up and down the east coast, the weather has just gotten a whole lot worse thanks to an extraordinary weather phenomenon called a "Bomb Cyclone," which according to Mother Jones is a, "A weather system only earns that name by dropping in pressure rapidly—at least 24 millibars over 24 hours—in a process called bombogenesis. Winds could kick up to 55 mph just off the coast of New England, a prospect that has prompted local weather stations to warn of hurricane-force winds."

Since the weather is already bad in the Northeast and only going to get worse, we thought it would be good to give you some tips on how to survive the "Bomb Cyclone," no matter where you live.

Do Not Drive:

Snow PlowSnow Plow Paul Vasarhely

With hurricane-force winds and record amounts of snow falling at lightning speeds, the roads will not be safe no matter what type of vehicle you are driving.  Most cities will only clear the roads if the work they are doing will not be erased by bad weather, so with a storm this size, even snowplows will not be venturing out into the bad weather.

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