Things To Know About Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking is a British theoretical physicist who took the world by storm with his lectures and studies on physics and his dedication to science.

For America, coincidentally the news of Stephen Hawking's death was on the fourteenth of March, coincidentally Pi Day (3.14). The fourteenth of March was also, coincidentally, Albert Einstein's birthday. Whether or not this is a coincidence or just a way to soothe people's emotions; it is amazing nonetheless.

But without further ado; let's look into Stephen Hawking and just what kinds of things he was known for, enjoy:

Hawking's Diagnosis:


When you first see Stephen Hawking, the first thing you may notice is the condition he was in. The issue was of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, or ALS; this is a degenerative motor neuron disease. This is what caused Hawking's muscles not to physically function well.

This was found out after a fall while ice skating in his first year of college. Hawking was said that he would not live a full life; and that he would more than likely end up passing away after two and a half years. Hawking had obviously proved that wrong.

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