Things Everyone Universally Hates

With so many opinions in this world; it is exciting to think of the things that almost everyone can use as a common enemy. Although there could be some things that people dislike, others may not, or may, at least, not mind it as much as others. However, with this list; these are things that almost everyone can agree overstays their welcome in our lives. Enjoy:



Dust is easy to dislike; there is truly nothing a human can use dust and get any kind of advantage from it. Although animals may have a bit more luck finding something to do with the dirt and grime, such as making their nests; humans, on the other hand, would much rather go through strenuous lengths to keep it as far away from them and their homes as possible.

Dust is one of the most unwanted home invaders, and yet, it almost always shows up uninvited with no way to prevent its arrival. Tedious to both clean up and keep away, it is no wonder that Dust would be the perfect candidate as anyone's biggest enemy.

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