These Disgusting Things Are Actually Good for Your Health!

We all go out of our way to stay healthy, buying the newest diet fads and health equipment but there are some natural things that are healthy that our bodies either do for us or we can do for our bodies that will keep us healthy with minimal to no effort. The thing is, however, the things that are sometimes very good for us and in the best interest for our health are often disgusting and even things that we would rather do in private because they can be pretty embarrassing if done in public.

 sweat sweat tinna2727


Sweat, though it may be gross, is your body's cooling system at work. It is what helps us regulate your temperature when you are hot and cools your body so it doesn't get overheated. When your sweat glands are clogged or you lose the ability to sweat, you can easily become overheated and suffer from a heat stroke. It is important the more you sweat, the more you stay hydrated, to keep sweating and not become dehydrated.

As an interesting side-note, our sweat often smells like the foods we eat, so you may want to lay off the garlic or alcohol before you go for a run.

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