These Common Things Can Be Dangerous If Consumed In High Amounts!

When you eat or allow your body to consume anything; typically under the right conditions it is okay; unfortunately, anything can be harmful if not taken in moderation.

Here is a list of both foods and commonly used items that can be harmful to you and your body, if used in excess.

Stay safe and inform your friends and family so that they can also keep themselves safe:


Carrots, which are known and much of the time used for their beta-carotene; can also be a problem for the human body. Having too much beta-carotene can be problematic for the pigment in your skin; causing it to turn to an orange or yellow shade.

This health problem is called Carotenemia and most times occurs in infants or toddlers who eat carrot purees. This issue can also occur in adults, teenagers, or children who eat way too many carrots in their diet. However just know that you would need to eat half a cup of carrots every day for months to get your skin to that point.

To be on the safe side, limit your carrot amount to around two cups per week.


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