10 Celebrity Couples Who Ended Up Regretting Their Sex Tapes

At some point after the turn of the century people found it necessary to start chronicling their sex lives by taping their bedroom activity so they could someday look back on their lives and remember past partners or whatever.

It's one thing for a couple in a strong marriage to tape themselves doing it and relive that moment -- most likely when they're doing it again, but in a time where the odds of divorce and breakups are much higher than having your kids throw you a 50th anniversary party, the reasons for doing it are somewhat foggy other than that spur of the moment that made you press the "record" button.

When couples who made a tape split, it seems that the guy is always the one saying he either did or will erase the tape, but we all know that never happens. Case in point: Hollywood.

With the exception of one person in Tinseltown, there's absolutely no reason for any celebrity couples to film themselves having sex! With the split rate in Hollywood higher than the chance of Hillary Clinton telling a lie, only one thing seems to come of any celebrity sex tape.

One party, usually the guy, sells the video. Or someone "breaks in" and steals the tape and then sells it. Or someone anonymous "leaks" the tape (see the first sentence in this paragraph). Regardless, almost every celebrity sex tape will reach the public, and the celebrities involved in the video will try to stop its release, ultimately settling for some sort of payment because it's so difficult to stop the release of such things (unless you're J. Lo -- more on that in a few).

There's only one thing left after that video reaches the public: regret.

Here are 10 celebs/celeb couples who most likely regret showing the world what they look like with their partner's private parts in their mouths...

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee


Baywatch star Pamela Anderson was busy with her TV and modeling careers when she met Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, but as fate would have it, they married four days after first meeting. The couple decided to film themselves during their honeymoon, and while their home was being renovated a safe that contained the video tape was stolen from their home by one of the contractors they fired and refused to pay.

The contractor snuck into the home and stole the safe as payback, not knowing about the tape and thinking all he was getting was some guns and jewelry. A few years after bootleg copies of the tape made the rounds, the video was officially released as "Pam and Tommy Lee: Stolen Honeymoon". The video made over $77 million in 1998 when it was released.

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