The Walking Dead Comes To An End For Season 8 and Fear TWD Begins


The Walking Dead Season 8 FinaleThe Walking Dead Season 8 FinaleAMC

If you are one of the millions of people who are still watching 'The Walking Dead,' then you probably watched the season 8 finale in AMC on Sunday. While many of us would have gladly given up on the show two season's ago, there are still fans of the show who are just as devoted as ever to Rick and the gang, so it is time for a breakdown of the season-ending episode, enjoy.

The whole season has felt like one big, overdrawn fight scene that culminated tonight between Rick and his gang and Negan and his crew, and just like in season's past, TWD manages to tie everything up in a bright red shiny bow.

Season 8Season 8AMC

The show stayed on its typical time frame, opening with Rick's gang at the Hilltop making their plans to take on Negan. This may have been one of the best scenes of the season for those needing a break from the usual action only episodes as Ezekiel and Jerry spent a moment sharing playful banter as Morgan listens on. True to fashion, however, the show quickly turns to the negative as Alden attacks Henry, the boy from the Kingdom.

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