The Top Kitchen Gadgets That You Never Knew You Needed

While cooking, sometimes you just want to make the prep time faster or without such a big mess to have to clean up. Maybe the whole act of cooking isn't the problem for you, but the clean-up time afterward is what the problem is.

Either way, whatever your problem may be, here are some amazing inventions that you'll want to check out, that will make your time in the kitchen much more easy and trouble-free. Warning: The pictures may not represent the actual product. Enjoy:

Resisti Draining Sieve:


Tired of using both a pot and a colander separately when making pasta dishes or any other meals that may need drainage in the process? Then the Resist Draining Sieve is right for you. The Resisti Draining Sieve is an attachment for your pot that will allow you just to place it on the pot, and then be able to drain liquids right then and there, without having to bring a colander from out of the cupboard.
This product costs $29.

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