The Top 10 Cockiest Kanye West Songs

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It really makes you wonder how he gets his head through the door.

For many, there’s nothing worse than a legitimately successful person who flaunts and embraces that success.  In acting, sports, politics, and music, there is almost always one person who is hated because of their overconfidence and perceptible lack of humbleness.  In music, the name atop the list eligible for ‘cockiest’ award goes to rapper and producer Kanye West.

Few question West’s talents – critics adore him.  However, many have some harsh words to describe his personality.  Throughout his career, West’s ego has also been a part of his music, particularly as his career has progressed.  While there are plenty of instances of cockiness and confidence throughout his discography, this list examines 10 of his cockiest songs, plus an honorable mention.  

#10 "Touch the Sky" 

from Late Registration 

"Touch the Sky" isn’t Kanye West at his cockiest, but the tell-tell signs are in place.  On the hook, West thinks highly of himself and status of his career (2005): "I gotta testify / come up in the spot lookin’ extra fly / 'fore the day I die, I’mma touch the sky.”

Even as West’s ascent to fame is interesting, he seems to 'brag' more than 'testify': "After I got my advance, I just wanted to shine / Jay favorite line: 'Dawg in due time!' / Now he looked at me, 'Damn, dawg! You where I am!'" 

#9 "The Glory" 

from Graduation 

"But with my ego / I can stand there in a speedo / and be looked at like a f**king hero." SMH! "The Glory" is self-explanatory with the big takeaway being that Kanye West thinks knows he's awesome.  Who better to summarize "The Glory" than West himself: "Fit in, get money and stunt and stay glorious." 

#8 "Send It Up" 

from Yeezus 

Where to start with the 'cockiness' that is "Send It Up" – no pun intended.  West opens his verse with "This the greatest sh*t in the club since 'In Da Club',” a bold statement considering 50 Cent’s "In Da Club" is a modern classic.  Worthy of more eye rolls is West’s sexual confidence, as "Send It Up" finds West bragging about how good he is at 'doing it.' A perfect example: "When I go to work, she gotta call in…"

#7 "Bound 2" 

from Yeezus 

Yeezus is arguably West’s most sexual, extreme album to date.  While "Bound 2" represented one of the divisive efforts’s best moments, it wasn’t without the typical 'Ye arrogance.  "When a real n***a hold you down, you supposed to drown, bound,” West proclaims at one point.  Confident he's the best dude ever, West asserts that 'she should' immerse her self in him, not to mention the sex…ual overtones. Tsk, tsk, tsk! 

Here's THE parody: 

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