The Biggest Mistakes We all Make in Relationships

Are you a serial dater, moving from one relationship to the next, never quite knowing why the last one ended? Well, you may be thinking that you are alone, but you aren't that is why there are so many dating apps out there and the reason why Facebook just announced that they will be launching their own dating service for singles.

So, in a world full of hook-ups, how is anyone supposed to find anything meaningful or lasting? Well, there are things we can do differently than we've been doing to ensure that in the fast-paced world of instant gratification, your relationship is one of those that lasts and not just one that ends up being a waste of a little bit of your time.

To begin with, there are a few mistakes that each of use makes regardless of gender or sexuality that ends up leading to the demise of what may have been a pretty decent relationship. Here are the most common mistakes that we all make at some point or another, and mistakes you can avoid in your next relationship, enjoy!

NejroN  NejroN

Demanding too much too fast:

We get it, you are 23-years old, just graduated from college, and your high school friends all have babies, you can hear that biological clock ticking and you want to be secure. Well, first of all, slow your role... you have plenty of time for marriage and kids just enjoy being with someone and learning about them for a while.

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