Ten Celebrity Crushes No One Wants To Admit Having

Celebrity Crushes You Probably Have That You're Not Gonna' Want To Share.


It's alright. It happens to the best of us. Hollywood is filled with beautiful people made of fake parts and publicity stunts. We all like to think we're above it. But no one really is. If there's one thing that celebrities do best, it's looking attractive - and at some point or another we all fall for it.

But there are some celebrities we can't help but crush on, even if we really don't want to - even if it goes against every fiber of our being. Bu the heart wants what the heart wants, and we're here to tell you that's okay. So we named some of our own. For now, suspend judgement and see if our guilty pleasures made it onto your guilty pleasure list.

Here are our top ten (in no particular order) celebrity crushes (that we don't want to admit to.)

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

There should be no surprise that Lady Gaga tops this list. She's weird to a tee, dresses in meat and is convinced she was born in a way most of us weren't. She's constantly doing something outlandish to make sure she's never far from the spotlight, but that's not terribly unusual for celebrities anyway (it's either a flying dress or a nip-slip.) Still, without all the makeup, and sans the meat dress, Gaga looks pretty bodacious and very crush-worthy. 

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