Surprising Pastimes And Collections These Celebs Love To Invest Their Time In

With actors, actresses, and other forms of stars it may be hard to figure out just what kinds of things these people are into, especially considering that most of the time when seen, they're using a hand-made character.

So, when we can find out more about these people and their lives, not only does it bring us closer to them, but it is a grand realization that they aren't so far away from us as we may have thought.

However, while some stars spend their hobbies doing things assumed of them, others will kick the standards to the curb and do the most surprising things that will leave you feeling that you now know these people more than ever before.

Here are some celebrities with surprising pastimes, enjoy:

Nicolas Cage Collects:

Nicolas Cage

Actor Nicolas Cage who is most known for his hilarious yet mesmerizing over-acting has the hobby of what could be described vaguely as 'collecting.' This man collects everything from strange, unusual items such as pygmy heads and a dinosaur skull to exotic animals such as a pet octopus, an alligator, a shark, and two king cobras.

He is also the proud owner of various buildings such as a castle and even a haunted mansion. Oh yeah, and he also collects some luxury vehicles such as thirty different types of motorcycles and nine Royes-Royces.

His overabundance isn't just limited to his acting, but to his purchases as well. Nicolas Cage is holding the type of life many people would, literally, only dream of having.

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