Songs About Death: 10 Songs About Dying Young

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Death is dark, depressing subject matter to say the least.  Honestly, it’s not the best topic for dinner conversation, dates, or generally happy occasions.  Call it what it is – deadly, morbid and definitely buzz kill.  Still, there have been plenty of songs that have tackled the topic of dying young. Some are literal, but many are figurative and branch out to various other topics, most prominently love.  Here are 10 songs about dying young for your reading pleasure…yeah, that didn’t sound right at all! 

1) The Band Perry, “If I Die Young” (The Band Perry, 2010)

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To reiterate, pondering dying young is morbid to say the least.  While youthful death is rarely if ever literally appealing, country trio The Band Perry deliver an eloquently written celebration of a young life ended too soon.  One of the best lines of “If I Die Young” is “Lord make me a rainbow I’ll shine down on my mother / she’ll know I’m safe with you and she stands under my colors.”  Hey, if death comes knocking in this case, at least Kimberly Perry seems to be living right.  

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