See All The 'F-Words' From 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' In Under Three Minutes (Video)

Everyone who's seen Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street knows that the film is full of hundreds of curse words (well over 600, to be exact).

Check out the video above, which is a compilation of just the "F-words" used in the film. It's not what you think.

The film, which centers on the outrageous lifestyle of penny stock peddler Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio), tends to glorify the lead character, probably because of DiCaprio's performance, but in real life Belfort was, well, a pretty big a**hole.

Belfort swindled hundreds of people into giving up their life savings on worthless penny stocks he convinced them would blow up and make them rich, and ultimately lost over $200 million of investors' money.

He was also a bigtime quaalude addict and used nearly every drug known to man

Following a federal investigation, Belfort was ordered to pay over $110 million in restitution to the over 1500 people he conned, and he spent a whopping* 22 months in prison (*that was sarcasm).

Since his release from prison he's worked as a "motivational speaker." and is still paying restitution at the rate of 50% of his income per year. So far he's payed off about 10% of what he owes.

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