Secluded Destinations for Couples Seeking the Perfect Valentine's Day Getaway

When you are in love and trying to make a big statement for Valentine's Day, you may try to go out of your way to prove to your true love that you are the best when it comes to romance and romantic getaways. Sure, you could go to Italy and tour Venice, ride a gondola, eat real Italian cuisine and drink Italian wine from vineyards harvested in Italy, but that is a bit cliche for the overachiever... No, you need a place where you can go that is different, and private, where it will just be the two of you to prove that you are the master of romance and that you are the absolute best when it comes to gift-giving on minor holidays that prove your love.

That is why we have come up with a few private locations you may have never heard of that are very private and will surely prove that you love the one you are with, although, you may have to pay for them long after the fun is over, these vacations are sure to live on in the memories of any couple who experience them together.

 El Nido Bay and Cadlao island, Palawan, Philippines:

 El Nido Bay and Cadlao island, Palawan, Philippines El Nido Bay and Cadlao island, Palawan, PhilippinesDmitry Pichugin

White beaches and coconut trees line the beaches of the Sule Sea near Palawan. With hiking paths and a small rainforest, you will have plenty to do, even if you don't want to spend time in the pristine waters. You can spend your days exploring one of the many islands or even partake in a massage on the beach. The stay in the two-story house is quite reasonable from $381 per night and can accommodate up to 10 people. There is, however, a minimum of two nights you must stay.

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