'Saturday Night Live's' Best Christmas Sketches

SNL - Best X-Mas Sketches

With four decades and hundreds of episodes of hilarity, it is a fool’s errand to make a definitive list of the best “Saturday Night Live” sketches of all time.  This list is a little more focused than that, covering only the best of the material centered on December 25 and all its accoutrements.  Throughout the years we have gotten Christmas cheer in such ways as musical bits and Weekend Update visits, but this list will only be covering sketches proper, which is even still a bit of a fool’s errand.  Regardless, here is a foolhardy attempt at the 12 Best Sketches of “SNL” Christmas:

12. Merry Christmas, Dammit!

Eddie Murphy’s take on the classic Claymation character was a hardened showbiz veteran who displayed his true, cigar-chomping self outside the confines of his own show.  He had no patience for cheery Christmas special norms, insisting to a little girl who didn’t like his gruesome Santa story that she trek 2,000 miles through the cold to Andy Williams’ Christmas show instead.  Also stopping by was Joe Piscopo’s Frank Sinatra for his unique interpretation of cartoon theme and Christmas songs. (The embedded video is not the full version of the sketch. Here is a transcript.)

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