20 Manly Quotes From Ron Swanson On 'Parks And Recreation'

Ron Swanson

NBC's 'Parks and Recreation' had a lot of great characters during its seven season run but perhaps no one was more quotable than the bacon-eating, whiskey-drinking Ron Swanson. Ron, portrayed by the equally masculine Nick Offerman, took equal pride in his manhood and his country. Just don't ask him about the government.

Ron's delivery is often deadpan because real men don't show emotion. That said, Ron's advice to his coworkers, like series protagonist Leslie Knope, often comes from the heart even if it is sometimes a little too direct and in-your-face.

Swanson was a central character from the first episode of the show and is credited with making Offerman a breakout star. Offerman, who is said to have already shared a lot of Swanson's attributes, has used the success of the Swanson character to land stand-up comedy gigs and even a partnership with Lagavulin whiskey, Ron's favorite.

Here are Ron Swanson's 20 manliest quotes from 'Parks and Recreation'.

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