Only In Japan, These Bizarre Japanese Inventions Will Make U ROFL

Japan has been known to be a step ahead the rest of the world when it comes to the technology. But, recently a new trend has been noticed there which has spread like fire in the whole nation.

Chindogu is the concept which involves inventing silly and bizarre gadgets to solve everyday problems which you didn't even realize you have. Here are some of the bizarre Japanese inventions you didn't even know existed.

Check out nearly two dozen of Japan's most bizarre bizarre inventions...

Fully Body Umbrellas

This umbrella is for those people who need full body coverage when it rains. And for those who have the extra 15 minutes to put it away.

Hearing Enhancer

This mega ear enhancer is really effective if you don't mind all this weight on your head.

Ear Explorer

This easy ear explorer is a simple device that helps you take a look inside your own ear.

Chin Rest Pod

This chin rest pod is the best tool if you are looking for quick nap in the metro.

Baby Onesie Mop

This baby dress is cleverly designed to clean the floors while the baby is crawling around.

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