Playing The Blame Game: 15 Songs That Point The Finger

Glastonbury Festival 2015 - Day 4 - Performances - Kanye West Somerset 06/27/2015 © WENN

Sigh, doesn’t it always seem like we as a society are ready to blame something or somebody for something? If we feel bad when we wake up, we blame it on our boss for being, um, an inappropriate word (your choice of course). If we all can’t seem to “love again,” it’s that bleeping ex that ruined love. If we’re Democrats, we blame Republicans or visa versa. Basically, there’s always blame to be shared. 

This list features a jam-packed 15 songs that blame something or someone for certain circumstances. If for some reason you don’t invest your time into these songs, well YOU’RE TO BLAME FOR BEING TOTALLY LAME! Don’t be square, partake of the fruits that these songs bear…or something along those lines!

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