Not Sure About Coffee? Here Are 10 Reasons To Grab A Cup Right Now

Do you always hear that coffee is bad for you? Sure, if you drink 10 cups of coffee a day, you may start feelings a rapid heart rate, hypertension, and high blood pressure. Coffee can give you a daily boost if you need it, but it can really have some negative side effects if you drink too much. So, what is a healthy dose of coffee? Well, according to One Medical, two to three eight-ounce cups per day is considered moderate; heavy coffee drinkers consume four cups or more daily. If you are looking for a good excuse to enjoy a cup of coffee, then you are in luck. We've gathered 10 reasons why you should be drinking coffee.

Coffee Has Antioxidants

Believe it or not, but coffee has a healthy amount of antioxidants. And if you are contemplating between coffee or tea, coffee has actually more antioxidants than green tea and cocoa, which are known for being antioxidant superstars. The antioxidants are actually inside the bean, so you get them when you make a hot cup. And why are antioxidant important? Well, they fight inflammation and they also help with digestion and metabolism. So, if you are considering dropping the coffee because you are having some digestion issues, then reconsider. You may be holding the key to success in your hand.

Coffee Can Give You A Short-Term Memory Boost

Do you have trouble remembering things? Well, coffee can help you remember things, as coffee can give you a short-term memory boost. If you have studied at a high level, you may have relied on coffee before an exam or a large project, as you may have needed to remember a large amount of topics, facts and information. Well, the caffeine in the coffee appears to affect the particular part of the brain responsibility for memory and concentration. Yup, you could get a boost in your short-term memory department. So when someone is teasing you for having a poor memory or angry at you for forgetting something, slowly go over to the coffee machine and grab a cup for yourself.

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