Most Famous Celebrity Animals

When thinking about celebrities, it isn't always the celebrities in the form of animals that we first think about; but once you think about them, it is hard to stop. These animals are so charming and charismatic it is hard to ignore them.

Here are some celebrity animals from both the past and present that will make your day, enjoy:


Gidget was a Chihuahua that was most famous for being known as the advertising figure and mascot of the restaurant Taco Bell. This dog would make appearances on various Taco Bell commercials assisted with a voiceover, courtesy of Carlos Alazraqui, and animated mouth movements. The Taco Bell pooch popularized two famous catchphrases, "¡Yo Quiero Taco Bell!" and "Drop the Chalupa!"

However, although the voiceover was male, and Gidget was depicted as a male for these commercials, Gidget herself was female. After Gidget's career ended, quite controversially at that, she went on to appear in two other roles. In one role she made a cameo in a Geico commercial; and on her other one, she played a part as "Bruiser's Mom" in Legally Blonde 2.

Gidget passed away in 2009 at age fifteen.

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