'Sexy' Has A VERY Different Meaning In Other Parts Of The World

The word "sexy" can mean appealing, attractive, alluring, sensual, desirable, luscious or tantalizing. But what is sexy? The meaning varies depending on where you live. In one place, the eyes are considered the most sexy feature a woman has. In another place, plus sized women are the most attractive. And in one corner of the world, people with long necks are considered sexy.

Here are some fascinating -- and bizarre -- standards of beauty that are considered as sexy in different parts of the world.


Unlike the West where people go to the different lengths in order to have a perfect straight smile, in Japan women with crooked teeth are sexy. It is known as "yaeba" and basically means snaggletooth. It is believed that crooked teeth make a woman look cute and youthful. Women can even purchase a fake set of crooked dentures to get the look.




Women with long necks are considered the sexiest in Myanmar. They wear multiple brass coils around their necks. This practice starts at an early age, and the number of coils increases with the age. These coils push the shoulders down and make the neck look long to further embellish their features.


Wikimedia Commons


According to Chinese culture in the 10th and 11th century, women with lotus feet were considered the best and most desirable brides. The practice involved breaking the toes and tying them up against the feet with tight bandages. This practice was most common among upper class women as they could afford not to work by themselves. Fortunately, this practice stopped in the 1940s.

Beijing in 1900 in the courtyard of a wealthy home.Wikimedia Commons

The fashionable length for a Chinese lady's foot was between 3 1/2 and 4 inches, but comparatibely few parents succeededWikimedia Commons

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