Like Bubble Tea? Try Out These Healthy Flavors!

Bubble tea, also known as Boba tea, is a very popular type of beverage that uses various ingredients from tea to milk and its aid of tapioca pearls. Although This drink is very popular from its sweet taste it can also be seen as something that really isn't very nutritious for you.

Tea is a healthy beverage to drink in general, however, mixed in with all the other ingredients it may make this drink more of a dessert than something that takes advantage of a typical tea's antioxidants.

Although there are various recipes for this type of beverage, they are mostly centered on only tasting good. These teas can get to be around 500 calories if not more, and are filled to the brim with sweetness. However, that does not mean this drink does not have the potential to be healthy.

Here are a few different types of recipes that you can make or try with your next Bubble tea. Keep in mind that these will still include tapioca pearls, which are one of the main reasons these drinks are so fattening. The base of the drink itself, however, will be toned down to make it less fattening than usual. Now, remember that even though these are healthier options for Boba tea, it is still best to drink these in moderation. Enjoy:

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