Items That Have Stopped Bullets And Saved Their Owner's Life

To some, items may be just considered what they are, items; however, for some they are so much more, even being given the title of 'lifesaver.'

Whether they're your typical everyday accessories or something sentimental and almost seemingly powerful; these items have proven themselves to be worthy as they have saved the lives of the owners that carry them.

Here are a few items, accessories, and sentimental objects that have actually saved their owner's life from the intense power of a flying bullet. Enjoy:



A cell phone is an item that continues to make a return with the title of 'lifesaver.' For many of these devices, they are hard-shelled and stocky; so when things get rough, and a bullet travels in someone's direction, it isn't surprising that these thick phones take it in stride.

Razr, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia Lumia, and Samsung Galaxy all made a name for themselves as a lifesaver for many different people over the years.

People who have stored their phones in their front shirt pockets to their back pant pockets have been able to claim that their phone disrupted the flow of a bullet coming their way. These people were lucky for being able to get away with just a cracked screen in their phones than any severe damage to their own bodies.

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