Funnest Games You Will Want To Play With Your Friends This Summer

During the summer, you may find yourself getting a little more bored than usual with having a much more flexible schedule; but with friends and so many games that you can play together out these days; it is easy to find a way to entertain yourselves and each other.

Here are some fantastic board games and apps that you will want to try with a group of friends! Enjoy:

Watch Ya' Mouth:


Watch Ya' Mouth is a challenging yet hilarious game in which you are challenged to speaking with your mouth full.

The game comes with ten mouth guards which you will be sticking in your mouth, 143 cards that hold phrases you must say, and a sixty-second sand timer.

The gist of the game is that you must split yourselves into teams, you can have up to ten players or more depending on if you purchase more mouth guards, and you must take turns reading off prompts. The team that gets the answers the most prompts correctly is the winner.

There are many variations of this game, from the original family-friendly versions to themed expansions and then, of course, the NSFW version that is more fun for adults or the dirty-minded.

This is a hilarious game to play with a group, just make sure to keep all of your mouth-guards separated.

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