Fun CAS and Building Challenges You Can Try In The Sims 4

As was stated in the previous Sims Challenges post; there are many different ways to play the successful franchise known as The Sims; however, even if there is such a large free-roaming scale with playing the game, some people want more of a form of task completion.

While there is nothing new about creating your own tasks and going through with them; sometimes the creation of your self-made tasks gets a little old; hence why challenges were brought up.

In the previous post, I went over some of the best challenges for playing in-game. This time, however, I will be discussing some of the best challenges for the other important aspects of the Sims, such as house-building, or Sim creation itself.

These challenges are fun, creative, and have a strong community of those who will participate as well as give support for the finished results. So if any of these challenges catch your fancy, and you have the game, definitely go ahead with testing the waters.

Here are some fascinating challenges that anyone can do in the Sims 4 by sticking with either Create-A-Sim, or CAS, or build mode. Enjoy:

Create-A-Sim Challenges:

CASPicture Credit: Sims VIP

Create-A-Sim, or as the community acknowledges it, CAS, is the place where you bring your Sim creations to life. Give it a walk, pick their voice, as well as their unique body types, bodily details, as well as their clothing. You would think that the CAS area would be straight to the point. However, with The Sims 4's CAS being more complex than ever, it doesn't take long to notice that you can spend up to a good 30 minutes in there depending on what you are doing.

The range of time spent in CAS mode can expand even more when given these fun and unique challenges to do. This is where we are going to go over Sims 4 Challenges for CAS mode.

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