Fruits and Veggies of the Summer Season

With every season changes how crops grow. While some may be able to be planted depending on the temperature, others won't work out being planted at that time.

Whether you're getting ready to start your garden or you're trying to figure out which fruits and vegetables will be the best healthy snacks to have during your mealtimes; here is a list you will want to keep in mind for the best fruits and vegetables of the warm seasons. Enjoy:



Apricots are a perfect fruit for the summertime, not only because of their juicy and delicious flavor; but also because of the nutrients this fruit naturally provides.

Full of beta-carotene, which converts to Vitamin A, allow this fruit to be good for not only your eyes but your skin.

Ripe Apricots with a golden, soft skin are the ones you want to eat as they hold the most nutrients.

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