Foods You Will Want On Your Cookout Menu This Summer

Summer isn't all about beaches, pools, and cooling down; it is also about heating up in the form of lighting up a grill and having a fun, family-friendly cookout! However, cookouts have been done again and again and sometimes, the simplicity of the dishes need a bit of an extra kick to them.

This summer's menu will be a little more fresh with these recipes. Enjoy:

Replace The Buns:


Yes, hamburgers are a traditional cookout meal, and nothing is more traditional than a tasty sesame seed bun, but sometimes we need a unique change.

There are so many different alterations you can substitute buns for that not only make them look delicious but can make the meal in general much healthier too.

Try replacing the buns with tomatoes, pineapples, lettuce leaves, eggplants or sweet potatoes. These are delicious and healthier substitutions when mixed with a juicy hamburger patty.

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