Five Great Ways To Heal Artistic Burnout

When you do art, drawing, painting, or writing; especially for a living, it is not uncommon to find yourself dealing with art blocks that will have you feeling overwhelmed. When these artists or writers blocks come about, it can leave you feeling just plain tired and taxed over whether you even want to continue doing what you do anymore.

These things happen, and sometimes you get mentally exhausted. However, you should never quit on something you like to do. Whether it is your job or you do it as a hobby, if it is something you love doing in your spare time, you should always continue to love to do it.

Often, one of the best answers to solving any form of artists' block is just to take a break. Give yourself some time to wind down and get back into it maybe a week, or even a few months later; it really depends on how you yourself feel. But for some, taking a break may lead to quitting, as well as for some, who use writing, painting, or drawing as a job; it is essential that they get rid of this block as fast as possible.

While breaks can work, here are a few other tips for those who are struggling to find any good inspiration to get their artist gears going. We hope that these may help you in some way and can get you back holding the pen in your hand; enjoy:

Change Your Scenery:


On a good day, a day that is personally satisfying in your eyes, go outside and just sit out for a bit. Close your eyes and feel the air on your skin, use this time to gather all of your feelings and senses together; feeling the air, and hearing the noises that are typically so ignored. Allowing yourself to feel as if you are one with the scene can bring light to you that you will be able to work on a canvas.

Take in the sounds, possibly the smells, and the feeling of the day and transfer them into a piece that you can place onto a work of art.

Remember to be careful with the particular weather; be sure that the temperatures are not too hot or too cold, and if you stayed out for too long and began feeling an effect on your body, such as rising temperature or sweating, be sure to get inside somewhere. It may be wise to bring a water bottle with you, in case you ever need it.

Also be sure to know your area, and although this exercise may work with keeping your eyes closed, do be sure to keep your danger senses ready as well; this especially if you are not that familiar with the area.

When going outside to look for inspiration, always try heavily-populated areas or a place for you to be on your own, that you are familiar with and understand that no one else will be around, such as a backyard.

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