Dangerous Australian Animals You Will Want to Avoid!

Have you ever thought of taking a trip to the Outback or go diving down into the deep blue seas to the Great Barrier Reef? Well nobody blames you for wanting to explore these magnificent places and experiencing new and fascinating lands; however, you should be wary of the types of creatures that also live there.

Australia is almost infamous for carrying some of the most dangerous and deadly creatures in the world; and this is why, even if you're going on a vacation, you should still keep your guard up at all times. The wild can be insane, and this is especially so when it comes to the lands of Australia. Enjoy reading about some of the most dangerous creatures in Australia, as well as the world:


Many may be familiar with the species 'fire ants,' and while those can also be a nightmare; imagine fire ants but twenty times worse. If you can, then you are thinking of the Bull Ant.

Bull Ants, also known as Bulldog Ants or Jumping Jack Ants, are one of the most aggressive ant species in the world. While most fire ants will attack you if you happen to trespass or stomp on their homes accidentally; these ants will attack before you even have the chance to.

These ants have giant mandibles which they use to hang onto their prey, whether animal, human, or other; and as they hang on, you will be the victim of constant repeated stinging. They don't fear size, so don't think that just because you as a human may be more significant than them that they'll retreat. These ants have even been known to start the fights, charging at anything they perceive to be a threat.

Bull Ant:

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