Clever Ways Students Have Cheated on Their Tests

When test time comes, typically the main things you will be focusing on is either studying or panicking over the fact that you totally forgot to study. For some students, however, they do neither and still manage to pass with flying colors.

Cheating has been done by many for decades and while some are your standard, look over your neighbor's shoulder tactic; other forms of cheating are becoming more creative as days go on.

Although we do condone cheating, we must admit that these are clever; and there are some points in your life where these tactics may need to be taken advantage of; however, if you ever do plan to use it remember to do so sparingly and only when needed. Fully learning something is much more useful than a temporary easy ride in the long run. Here are some extremely clever ways students have cheated for their tests, enjoy:

Hit The Bottle:


One student bought a bottle of Snapple and wrote parts of the study guide onto the inside of the bottle's label. He reapplied the label to his bottle so that it looked like normal.

Once test time came around, he took advantage by taking sips anytime he needed to glance at the study guide that he could see inside of the bottle.

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