Check Out These Foods That Promote Hair Growth!

Regardless of age, gender, or reasons; some may find that they want to start focusing on growing out their hair. Growing your hair out can be a lengthy process for some, and for those, you may want to start looking at what you're eating. Or more along the lines of, what you should be eating.

Here are several foods that you can eat on a day to day basis that are not only healthy but can also help promote your hair growth!

However, with these ingredients you won't be eating them; you will be applying these ingredients to your hair during your wash! Enjoy:



Eating eggs provide protein for both your body and your hair. Considering that our hair is made up of protein, eating more of it can only do good things for it, including hair growth as well as cleaning and strengthening.

With this, all you need to do is crack a few eggs, whip it, and then put some of your regular shampoo into the bowl with it. Wash your hair as usual. Depending on the volume of your hair depends on whether you should put in one or two eggs.

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