Celebs We Didn't Know Were Related

jenny mccarthy and melissa mccarthy

The Hollywood game isn't unfortunately about how talented you are, it's about who you know. Still, having a famous sibling or relation in Hollywood isn't a guarantee for success. In fact, many celebrity sibs are unsuccessful in the industry. While some familiy pairings are obvious, some will take you by surprise.

jenny mccarthy

Jenny McCarthy and Melissa McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy was already a household name when her cousin Melissa decided to join her in Hollywood. Jenny was already famous for her work on MTV and as a Playboy bunny. In 1997 she was the star of her sketch-comedy series "The Jenny McCarthy Show." Jenny hired her cousin for some work on the short-lived series and that part gave her resume some street cred. That early break paid off for Melissa and she was the star of her own CBS sitcom ("Mike & Molly") and earned an Oscar nod for her role in the 2011 smash "Bridesmaids."  

melissa mccarthy


julia, emma and lisa roberts

Julia Roberts and Emma Roberts

One of the most beautiful Aunt and Niece combinations in Hollywood, Julia Roberts learned the ropes in la la land through trial and error and wisely assisted her young niece in how the business works. "When [Emma] comes to stay with us, I always think, 'Please let her be the same' — and she is still the same magical girl she used to be," Roberts revealed in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. "I think so much of it has to do with your intentions in taking on a business like this. If you have a pure view of what you want to accomplish, I think you can maintain your sense of self." Julia also has a sister Lisa too, who is also in the business!

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