Blood-Curdling Facts About Mosquitos

As the sultry days of summer come along, so do all the issues that many people hate about them; insects and especially insects that bite.

One of the most popular biting insects are mosquitos who are easily one of the most hated insects in the world. These lean, winged creatures come from out of nowhere with almost nothing but a slight buzzing warning before sticking you in the skin with their long, tubular noses; sucking out your blood like a vampire.

They aren't the most beloved things, but these creatures have a lot to know about them. Here are facts about summer's most infamous creature, the mosquito. Enjoy:



Although most people hate mosquitos as a whole, mostly because of their itchy bites, female mosquitos are the only ones that do so.

Males don't suck your blood because they don't need to, the women mosquitos need the iron in our blood to help develop her eggs. So she sticks part of her mouth, called the proboscis, into our skin to transfer the blood out.

Although we call what they do 'biting,' they aren't actually biting. They're pretty much drinking with a straw.

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