50 Of The Worst Album Covers Of All Time

Some singers and musicians just don't have much talent when it comes to having an eye for artwork.

Most of the time an album cover has a lot to do with sales, so imagery that's interesting, sexy, mysterious, etc., is always a good thing.

Take Miley Cyrus's 2013 release, "Bangerz" (below), for example. The peach-to-purple color mix with two photographs of houseplants with a superimposed miley staring blankly at the camera looks more like something out of "Miami Vice" circa 1984 than a modern pop record. Throw in the neon "Bangerz" sign and it now looks like a newspaper promo for a south Florida strip club rife with disease. "Bangerz" is pretty awful, but it's just the tip of the iceberg in our list of bad album covers.

The list includes a laughing-stock of creepy, uncomfortable and what-were-they-thinking covers along with some more modern additions to the list, like Limp Bizkit's "Gold Cobra" and Adam Lambert's "For Your Entertainment" (actually, any Limp Bizkit or Adam Lambert album cover would work here) and Madonna's 50 is the new 16 cover of "Hard Candy."

So grab your box of tissues, because you might laugh so hard at some of these that your eyes will water...

Miley Cyrus - Bangerz

Limp Bizkit - Gold Cobra

What's worse - the cover art or the name of the band?

Nick Lachey - A Father's Lullaby

"Say 'cheeeesy'"

Brooke Hogan - The Redemption

Sadly, her second album did not redeem her from the awfulness that was her first album. And does she look cross-eyed to you?

Cher - Take Me Home

World: "No thanks"

The New Society Band - Shoves it In Your Ears

Really? Their featured instrument is the flute?

Chris Brown - Fortune

Brown opted for the Webdings font in Microsoft Word for the cover of this one. You know, that font you scroll past and your document changes to symbols and you question who created it and why.

Anna Russell - In Darkest Africa

The first of many that are wrong on so many levels.

Crosby, Stills & Nash - Live It Up

Proof that hot dogs should neither be shown or mentioned (more on that later) on album covers.

31 Knots - Trump Harm

Definitely drugs and magic at work here.

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