40 Best Songs Of 2015

The Weeknd in Concert on NBC's

It’s a tall task to pick the best albums in any given year, specifically when it comes to ranking them. Even more difficult is selecting the best songs as the music industry is much more record/song-centric than it was once was. Even when albums (exception: Adele’s 25) don’t sell, songs do. There were lots and lots of notable songs from 2015, so narrowing the list to 40 is an arduous task. As arduous as it was, here’s our best shot – 40 of the Best Songs of 2015. 

1) The Weeknd, “Can’t Feel My Face” (Beauty Behind the Madness)

Adele or the Weeknd for the top spot – that was the question. “Can’t Feel My Face” gets the nod thanks to the Michael Jackson-infused vocals and the sheer catchy, infectious lyrics of a song that’s legitimately about drugs. “I can’t feel my face when I’m with you / but I love it.” We may not feel the numbness, but we certainly love “Can’t Feel My Face.”

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