33 Hottest Moms On TV We’ll Never Forget

nancy botwin

Call them what you want, hot mama's, MILF's, hot older babes...whatever floats your boat one thing's for sure, television has certainly produced lots of these tempting older women. TV executives certainly know what they were doing when they casted these ladies, women want to be like them, men want to be with them. Here are 35 of the hottest ever!

Nancy Botwin "Weeds" (Mary Louise Parker)

Nancy Botwin, held one of the most auspicious jobs on television, that of a suburban soccer mom/marijuana dealer. Of course, her charm came from the fact that she could think of no other way to support her family after her husband's death from a heart attack. Nancy's beauty allowed her to get away with murder for years, until she was finally put in prison for her misdeeds. Still, she continued to carry herself with a quality of class, even when she resorted to low-life dealings such as trafficking pot across the Mexican border.

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