23 Plastic Surgeries That Are The Definition Of 'Botched'

Plastic surgery isn't for everyone but some people feel as though they want to fix or improve different parts of their bodies in order to look better. While it some cases plastic surgery patients do look better, there are plenty of cases where they look worse. Perhaps these people just went a little too far with their ideas or maybe their surgeries didn't go as planned.

Either way, here is a look at 24 plastic surgeries that give the word "botched" actual meaning. Yikes.

1. Jocelyn Wildenstein, a New York City socialite known to the internet world as "Catwoman," has received so much plastic surgery over the past decade that she doesn't even look human -- hence her nickname.


2. Speaking of cats, it appears as though this woman may have gotten plastic surgery to look like her cat. If not, maybe that's just an added bonus?

Chuck's Fun Page

3. French television stars Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff have gone under the knife -- that much is clear.

Metro UK

4. Are there even words for this?


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