20 Of The Coolest Aliens From Pop Culture

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We have a fundamental obsession with the idea that aliens exist. In all probability they do - but we've got no actual idea what they might look like, sound like, think like or smell like. And if there's one thing the human mind does when it's not sure about something - it's create an identity from scratch. And that's what some of our most prolific directors and writers have done with some of the most beloved science fiction series in pop culture.

The result is a near infinite library of alien species that could very well be more extravagant than anything nature can produce. This library of characters has created endless hours of entertainment for readers and viewers. Let us take you on a scenic trip through a sci-fi museum as we investigate the coolest aliens found across all disciplines and mediums of pop culture science fiction. 

Aliens A-Plenty

The Cybermen (Doctor Who)


"You have been upgraded." - Cybermen Adage

Anyone who has watched Doctor Who recently should be terribly afraid of those four words. Not necessarily because it means new problems with the newest Windows 8.1 patch, but because it means you've been assimilated into the ranks of the Cybermen, a classic Doc Who enemy.

The Cybermen were once organic sentients living on the planet Mondas. As their technological progress grew, they began to augment themselves with cybernetics, slowly transforming their entire individualistic race into a technological collective, hell bent on integrating all intelligent species in the universe, to increase their knowledge.

Time after time, the Cybermen have been single-handedly thwarted by the Doctor and his compatriots, but it never fails to make for a suspenseful and thrilling episode nonetheless.  

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