20 Clever Lord Varys Quotes From 'Game Of Thrones'


Lord Varys, better known within King's Landing as "The Spider," is of the most skilled manipulators on HBO's 'Game of Thrones'. During the first few seasons of the show, Varys managed a large network of spies that he used, officially at least, to protect the king and the realm as the "Master of Whisperers". But longtime viewers know that The Spider, played by actor Conleth Hill, often used these connections for his own purposes.

Varys may be an eunuch (which in the world of Westeros means that his, um, manhood has been removed) but his lack of cojones has never stopped him from taking a great risk from time to time. Varys played a large role in getting Tyrion Lannister out of King's Landing at the end of Season 4 and the duo is now tasked with keeping the city of Meereen under the control of Daenerys Targaryen. Varys may no longer be Master of Whisperers at King's Landing but that doesn't mean his "little birds" have stopped singing.

Here are 20 of Lord Varys' best quotes from 'Game of Thrones'.

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