15 Truly 'Beautiful' Songs

Music causes folks to experience all sorts of emotions: happiness, sadness, jubilance, anger or otherwise.  Illustrious beauty characterizes some songs, giving those “goosies” which Jennifer Lopez references on American Idol.  Those that aren’t characterized by beauty or their ugliness just MIGHT have some form of the word beautiful or a synonym within their title – hint, hint, HINT! 

Yes, this epic list features songs of true beauty – at least in regards to song title.  Some songs are considered classics, others contemporary gems, and others are, well otherwise!  Regardless of the characterization, here are 15 truly beautiful songs. Bask in the illustrious beauty people! 

1) Joe Cocker, “You Are So Beautiful” (I Can Stand A Little Rain, 1974) 

Joe Cocker © PR Photos

Like the late great British rock/soul musician Joe Cocker sang so adoringly, “you’re everything that I hoped for / everything that I need / you are so beautiful to me.”  There’s really little more to say about “You Are So Beautiful” but classic.  “You Are So Beautiful” was a top five hit on the Billboard Hot 100 for good reason. 

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