15 Songs Referencing Mental Disorders

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First and foremost, mental conditions, disorders, and syndromes are no laughing matter; they’re very serious and sensitive conditions. Interestingly, numerous musicians have cited such disorders within their music, whether directly or as a reference point. After a perusal of various mental disorders and various songs referencing said disorders, here are 15 songs referencing mental disorders (NOTE* – not all of them are technically disorders).

1) One Direction, “Stockholm Syndrome” (Four, 2014) 

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On fourth album Four, One Direction definitely showed maturity beyond their years, at least in regards to naming a song after a relatively modern mental syndrome (born in the 1970s), Stockholm syndrome. Why is it maturity on One Direction’s part per se? Well, considering their youthful audience, how many youngsters would actually know what Stockholm syndrome means beyond the lyrics? Just saying! 

Give 1D credit – they embody the spirit of Stockholm Syndrome perfectly from a lyrical perspective: “Baby look what you’ve done to me/ baby you’ve got me tied down/ baby I’ll never leave if you keep holding me this way.” Yep, One Direction’s respective lovers serve as the captors of their hearts… 

Related songs: Muse, “Stockholm Syndrome” (Absolution, 2004) and blink-182, “Stockholm Syndrome” (blink-182, 2003)

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