15 Bold And Sexual Band Names

Optimus Alive 2012 Music Festival - Day 1 Alges Riverside Alges, Portugal 07/13/2012 © Rui M. Leal / PR Photos 

Not all band names were created equally.  Some are clearly down to earth while others are bold and filled with controversy.  A down to earth post of the best band names would be boring, SO, why not examine some of the boldest band names out there, shall we? No, this list doesn’t “go for the kill” – some are too hot for Starpulse or really anybody – but there are definitely 15 great, bold bands that grace this list.  

1) N.W.A. 

N.W.A., Straight Outta Compton © Priority

One of the boldest, most controversial names (and collectives) has to be N.W.A., which stands for N***az Wit Attitudes.  As shocking as the name is outside of its abbreviation, it accurately described one of hip-hop’s most important and unapologetic groups.  Maybe even more amazing is how versatile Ice Cube’s career has been since his membership in this legendary group – a lucrative solo career, numerous films…

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