15 Awesome Songs With Odd Titles

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There have been many awesome songs that have been written throughout the course of music history.  Many such songs sported titles that were memorable, but not necessarily distinct.   For example, many songs have explored beauty or love, with the simple, generic “Beautiful” serving as the song title or something similarly common.  Other songs, however, take their creativity to the next level, featuring unique, unforgettable titles.  This list features 15 AWESOME songs with odd titles that make them standout from the rest.  

1) Lady Gaga, “Scheiße” (Born This Way, 2011) 

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One of the most fun, awesome, yet oddly-titled songs from Lady Gaga’s 2011 album Born This Way is none other than “Scheiße.” Scheiße is a German word that translates in English to ‘s**t,’ a beloved cuss word.  Even if no background research were to be done on this fascinating word that is “sheiße,” Lady Gaga confirms its meaning in the second verse: “Scheiße, scheiße be mine / bull s**t, be mine.”


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