14 Super Nerdy Male Characters (That Are Really Sexy IRL)

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Every seasoned movie-watcher knows that there are real life nerds and then there are Hollywood nerds. Since directors generally don’t want to use actually average-looking people for these roles, casting directors are given the challenge of making very attractive to gorgeous people look as plain and frumpy as possible.

For all the Hollywood magic that goes into this, however, the public can't be fooled.

Here’s a short list of 14 super nerdy male characters that are actually really sexy in real life.

1. Chuck Bartowski

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This title character was the manager of a division that’s literally called the Nerd Herd. Throw in the whiff of Eau de underachievement that follows Chuck and you’d expect him to be one of the nerdiest characters to ever grace your screen.

In real life, however, Zachary Levi is an incredibly handsome man.

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